If I am unable to make it to the resort, can I forward my reservation to a friend or family member?

Yes. However, you must provide us the name of the person (the new lead passenger) you are forwarding the reservation to within two weeks before arrival date.  The resort requires identification at time of check-in.  If the name of the lead passenger is not on the reservation, the group will not be able to check-in.


Do I have to be a member or a time-share owner to rent through you?

No, anyone can rent through us for great rates and extra benefits not offered by others.




Can I check-in early?

 Yes, contingent upon accommodation availability which will be at additional cost.


Can I check out later in the day?

Yes, but at additional fee and contingent on the resort’s reservations schedule and availability.


Can I stay longer or less than a week at the resort?

Yes, your stay could be as long as you like (minimum 3-4 nights).  Guests making reservations two weeks or longer will get a 5% discount of the rate of their accommodation on the second week.




Are the prices seasonal?

No, the prices for the accommodations are the same throughout the year if making a reservation through us.


What credit cards are accepted when we arrive at the resort?

Most major credit cards are accepted, excluding American Express & Discover Card.


Will I pay an extra fee if I use my credit card at the resort or in the Dominican Republic?

The resort charges are in US Dollars ($) We recommend you contact your credit card company to verify whether you will be charged a fee in US dollars in Dominican Republic for international use.  The Spa also accepts credit cards.  Please note that the Excursion Department will apply an extra 3% charge on excursions purchased by credit cards.  We recommend you pay cash for excursions to avoid the additional fees.


What type of Currency is accepted at the resort?

The resort accepts cash (Dominican Pesos (RD$) & US Dollars ($), most major credit cards and American Express Traveler’s Cheques.


Should I use Dominican Pesos or U.S. Dollars for tipping?

 It is common and preferable to tip in US Dollars as it has more value over the Dominican Pesos.




How do I get to the resort from the airport?

Complementary travel services are provided to/from the airport and the resort. Thirty days before your departure please provide us confirmation of the total number of guests in your reservation. Upon arrival at the Puerto Plata Airport (POP) and after gathering your luggage, simply walk outside and look for a Lifestyle Holiday Representative (chauffeur) holding a sign with your family name on it.  Identify yourself to him and he will assist you with your luggage and to your transportation.  Do not give your luggage to anyone else.  Two days before your departure, you must call VIP Services from the phone in your accommodations and make arrangements for your transportation back to the airport.  You will provide them with your flight details.  They will remind you of this upon check-in.  If you arrive at the Santiago Airport (STI), you will need to make arrangements with a cab service to bring you to the resort (usually 90 minute ride), cab fee is payable by you.


How big is the resort?  And how do I get around?

The LHVC Resort at Puerto Plata is huge.  There is a shuttle service that runs throughout the day and night to get you around the resort. Please contact the concierge or receptionist to arrange transportation to your destination.


 Will I get a golf cart at the resort as I have seen in pictures?

Golf carts are available as a complementary service to only our guests staying at a Villa.  I have seen others charge for this service, however, there is no fee by us or the resort.  Please note that golf cart availability is not complimentary nor guaranteed for other accommodations in the resort.  Do not get fool but such false claims.




How do I make dinner reservations?

Upon checking-in into your suite, a VIP Rep will come to your suite and provide you with a list of restaurants that are opened during certain days.  You will pick your restaurant of choice and time slot (6:30 or 8:30 P.M.).  After reservations have been locked-in, they will deliver to your room a dinner reservations confirmation with the listings and time slots.  The VIP Rep will notify you by phone or letter if there are changes to your dinner reservation.


Can I cancel my reservation for my resort stay?

Reservations are not cash refundable; you will get a service fee credit to use at a later time but for up to one year. Your cancellation must be received 90 days prior to receive a full service credit. Cancellations 60 days prior, will receive a 50% service credit fee. Any cancellations made 30 days or less will result in forfeiture of service fee.




Does the resort offer child care?

Yes, the resort offers child care at cost.  Please contact the concierge to make arrangements for day/night babysitters.  Also, there are two facilities that provide supervised kids activities at the resort: Kids Club (at The Tropical) and the Kids Art Club (at Cofresi Palm near the kid’s pool that has a water slide).


Do we need to bring beach towels to the resort?

No, you do not.  The resort supplies beach towels throughout its property.  Some areas have towels already in place on the beds or beach chairs.  In other areas of the resort an attendant provides beach towels to guests. Please provide the attendant your beach towel card and he will issue you a beach towel.  After you are done with the towel for the day, please return the towel to the attendant and your beach towel card will be returned to you. Be sure not lose or misplace the towel as the attendant will not return your beach towel card and you will be charged for the loss of a towel.


Is there a gym available to me?

Yes, there are two gyms located at the resort.  One gym is located at ‘The Tropical’ section, and the other is located at ‘The Cofresi Palm’ section.  There is no charge for using the gym facilities.  There are water and fresh towels there available for your use.


Is there a Spa available to me?

Yes, there are two located on the resort.  The Metamorphosis Spa is located at ‘The Tropical’ section, and the other, Ying Yang is located at ‘The Cofresi Palm’ section.




Is the resort a timeshare where I have to attend a presentation?

No, it is not.  I am a ‘Shareholder’ and you are my guests.  You are not obligated to attend or buy anything if you are not interested.  There is a sales office there at the Tower where interested parties go there for more information on how to become a member.  If you are interested, please contact me and I will provide you with information regarding a membership. (This is not a sales pitch)


Is the villa size guaranteed?

No, if for some reason a member extends their stay in a villa, you will be accommodated to the size of your party.  For example, if you booked a 6-bedroom villa and it is not available the resort will provide you with two 3-bedroom villas.


Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees at the resort.  The only fee you pay is at arriving at Puerto Plata Airport at customs.  You will pay a $10/person visitor’s pass.


Where is the resort located?

Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Resort Club is located on the Northern part of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic on Cofresi Beach.


Is the ‘All-Inclusive’ mandatory?

Yes, this is payable upon arriving at the resort.  We do not handle this charge.


Are there safety deposit boxes in the suites/villas?

Yes, there are at a cost of $3/day or $20/week.  We would recommend you rent a safety deposit box to store your passport & valuables.


Is there WiFi at the resort?

Yes, within the VIP designated areas throughout the resort.


Does the resort supply irons and hair dryers?

Yes, all suites/villas have them in the rooms.


Is the water safe to drink?

Yes, the water is safe to drink.  The ice-cubes are filtered and the water provided at restaurants is also filtered.  All accommodations come with bottle water (the refrigerators are refilled daily).  The only water you do not drink is from the sink.


Are pets allowed?


Do you offer discounts?

Yes, for extended stays.  Two week stay receives a 5% discount on the second week.