Therapeutic Relaxation

Relinquish your stress and find tranquility for your body and mind at Metamorphosis and Ying Yang spas. As you enter our spa leaving the world outside behind, you feel transformed with the feeling of a serene, relaxed and classy environment. Healing Our spas are designed to cater to your every need while providing a total experience with excellent service. Indulge with this luxurious experience and treat yourself to Relaxing massage and quality care rejuvenating experience.

Metamorphosis (Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Resort)

Metamorphosis is the Caribbean’s largest chain of wellness spas and it is located in the heart of the Tropical for easy access. A full range of services are available, each one designed to relax the body and calm the soul. Our Wellness & Spa Therapies wash away the stresses of everyday life like gentle waves wash away footprints in the sand. Take a step into a world of classic elegance. A world that refreshes the body, awakens the senses and frees the spirit. The world of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.


Ying Yang Spa

Where the mysteries of the East meets the warmth of the Caribbean Created with the mystic energy of an Asian temple in mind, Yin Yang spans the globe to bring you the best of eastern style message techniques, blended with the warmth of the Caribbean culture, blended into a unique experience of indulgence and relaxation. The spa also features Couples Massage sessions for a romantic experience. Catering to both men and women, this facility houses shower, sauna and health club facilities as well.

 Enjoy the following therapeutic services:

  • Aromatherapy

  • Aroma Therapeutic Massage

  • Relaxing Anti-Stress Massage

  • Couples sunset massages at the beach

  • Deep Muscular Massage

  • Foot Massage

  • Nail and Hand Care

  • Seaweed Body Wraps

  • Body Scrubs

  • Facials