Puerto Plata

Imagine a Lush, tropical paradise with exquisite beaches, glistening pools, and immersion into a unique cultural experience filled with the delights of Latin flavors.  A gentle breeze carries the aroma of sensational delicacies served at some of the best gourmet and specialty restaurants.

Welcome to the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, an idyllic, island retreat nestled in the Dominican Republic and overlooking breathtaking Cofresi Beach, one of the most pristine beaches on the Island, in the historic coastal city of Puerto Plata.

This all-inclusive resort features seven distinctively different accommodation choices designed to suit every vacation lifestyle.

Live entertainment and energetic shows, relaxing spa treatments and beachside massages, as well as your choice of delightful cuisine provide you with the most luxurious and memorable experience. The attention to details and a catered guest experience will make this the most unforgettable vacation experience you’ve ever had.